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lunedì 3 giugno 2013

English post: from the beginning.

Hi everybody! That's my first English post so...hope you'll enjoy it! *sorry for the font, Blogger is going mad...

This is my English homework: a composition.
"Talk about something you're proud of."

My best success is definitely the win of the scholarship that permits me to spend a year abroad.
But, let’s start from the beginning. In September I took part at the first selection. In my AFS center there were more than 100 guys, from 15 to 17 years.  They all wanted to become an exchange student, and wanted to live one, two, three, six or ten months abroad.
At first I just wanted to spend a summer month somewhere in nord Europe, like Ireland or, better, Finland.
But at the selection I saw lots of guys, really motivated, and I thought to do something more than one month, abroad. I did some psychological test and an oral exam.
I thought that was impossible, for me, win a scholarship, for many reason: at first, there were certainly many students better than me; secondly, there were only 20 scholarships in the whole Italy.
However, after the first selection, I was asked to make a list of the countries I would have liked to go.
Immediately, I wrote USA at first place. Then, I changed my mind, because USA was the first choice of most students. So, I decided to do something different, a beautiful and little known place. I search on the Internet and I found photos of Iceland. It was otherworldly. 
Northern lights, geysir, amazing sunsets. 

 I didn’t think too much on my choise. I liked Iceland for many reason, so it came at the top of my list.

While I was waiting for the results, I had the opportunity of talk on the Internet to many other guys that were waiting results too.
A night of the end of April, a volunteer of my center phone up to my dad, saying I was one of the twenty winners of the scholarship!

Since that day my life is changing.
Now I am in touch with people from all the word: one day I chat to my Icelandic friends, another day I chat to a Spanish girl.
It’s amazing get to know the stories of people that are living or have lived a year abroad. They are wonderful because aren’t narrow minded people. Everybody help each-other and it’s like a big family. 

Just thank you AFS <3

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